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The enthusiasm I need I find in my mind. I let it loose because I want it to live. It's my fuel.

The Writer

Lars Hee

My upbringing

Born in Copenhagen in 1958. As a 5-year-old, I played on the pavements and between the cars in the city center. Later my family moved 15 miles outside of Copenhagen, where my “playground” with cobblestones was replaced with a big forest and lovely lakes.

My skills

I have completed three Grand Tours. The first in 1979, to England. The second in 2009, to Florence, Italy and the third in 2011 to 22 villages around Italy. I am a self-taught writer and have honed my professional skills over a 40 years career within communications and management in national and international companies. I have always had a desire to learn new things, acquire new knowledge and write about my experiences. On a personal note I have exercised my creative abilities in the writing of poetry, philosophy, and diaries.

My sister Tina Hee too has creative skills. She expresses through her art. Click here to see Tina’s exciting paintings and sculptures.

My Book Releases

Fortællinger fra støvlelandet

'With inspiration from my Grand Tours in Italy, this is a fictional series of short stories based upon true accounts told by the lovely local people I met as my journey progressed. (In Danish only)

A Life of a Hee-man

"A Life of a Hee-man' is an honest account on one man's self-development over 50 years. A journey marked by an unrelenting struggle against the very Danish ‘who do you think you are’ attitude, against family succession, and sometimes himself. It is also a career adventure that begins in 1978 at the prestigious BMW in England, and ends in 1990 in the middle of the battle, for the most powerful position in Toyota Denmark. (In Danish and in English)

En dannelsesrejse i Italien

'A Travel Book based on my Grand Tours to Italy in 2009 and 2011. My thoughts, my experiences, and my impressions of a lost lifestyle is the recurring theme. A fascinating meeting with the Italian people. Adventures unfold without prejudice and bias. (In Danish only)

I lyset af at kunne glædes

'Poetry about the human nature; including my own. (In Danish only)

Den standhaftige Hee

'A short tale about the Hee family, based upon my genealogy. (In Danish only and not for sale in the shops)


A Life of a Hee-man


The reviewer: Donn Gurney is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with degrees in English and Political Science. He has performed editing services for many of his racing clients as they developed books about their careers and experiences, including America’s first Formula One World Champion, Phil Hill, and Sir Stirling Moss, one of the most successful drivers of the 20th Century.

Review: Mr. Hee’s career as an automobile company executive is interesting, even though Mr. Hee is not Lee Iacocca, and flows well, better than the facets of his personal life away from the office and the intrigues of big business. Business executives write differently from other writers. This is probably a result of both the secretive nature of executive positions and the need to communicate quickly and concisely.
These writing talents are most appreciated in the business environment but perhaps not so much on the part of the casual reader. Mr. Hee leaves us wanting more detailed descriptions of the various characters swirling in and out of his world and it would seem that there are subplots that could lead to further development.

Selectivity is a necessity and here is where Mr. Hee could step back and review his book. Am I really telling who I am, and why I am worth reading about? Did this reviewer like the book? Yes, I did but it may be because I jumped in anxious to get a further insight into the business with which I have been involved for almost sixty years (mainly racing but also in automobile sales) and especially into the workings of the Toyota company. Some of that insight came through but I believe a lot was left out and that might well be the meat of another book. I don’t know how far Mr. Hee can go in that direction, as both business law and business practices may well prevent a real tells-all.
The real test is: will I keep the book (I usually pass review copies on to friends) and read it again? The answer is yes and yes. That puts it into the top category of books to be read.

Keep writing, Lars Hee, and, when you get to the proper time, give fiction a try as well, You have stories in your life yet to be told!

"Throughout my life I have read a lot, few books were rewarding, yours was. Really well written including your poetry as an extra spice."
Claus (DK)
"Finished your book, didn’t want it to end. You could make your life story as the basis of a blockbuster book; I can imagine Tom Cruise as you when the film is made. Go for it."
"I read your explanation of why you are not on Facebook. I agree. Would love to be in your greenhouse. Well written, I almost felt I was there."
Susan (DK)
"The book is excellent. What amazing life you have achieved throughout those years."
"Well written and you have certainly seen many aspects of life. I have put it in my pile of books along with a cutting about René Redzepi's Noma. I will find a suitable corner for the Danes!"
"I was very impressed with the English. Certainly, the way in which you put words together made it an interesting and enjoyable read so I take my hat off to you."
"It surprised me how much it captures from the beginning. I really liked your book. It seems to me that you are your authentic self today without any need to pursue a life in the fast lane. I think that is fantastic."
Anne (DK)


1979: Language skills and cultural inclusiveness. 2009: Italian culture and strengthened social skills. 2011: Language skills and cultural inclusiveness.

My motivation is always there. The challenge is when I decide to write with a specific purpose, and the words suddenly do not flow. I then accept write notes and choose a better time.  

I admire authenticity, honesty, reverence, and people who focus on education and formation in order to become knowledgeable and inclusive. Lately, I have come to admire people with social media manners even if they disagree with the sender.

I find learning new skills very rewarding. It makes me feel humble too. The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know. The learning process gives me an understanding and patience of what is happening around me in this troubled world. It keeps me going.

I live in the moment and my ideas emerge as time goes by. The moments I experience, the people I meet, human nature, my travels, and Planet Earth.

Negative thinking is much easier than positive thinking. Positive thinking does not occur instinctively. Life is easier with a positive approach, but it is hard work to maintain a positive mindset.

Currently, I am working on a conversation book for children. I am also planning a new Grand Tour to Ireland, the Isle of Man, and Scotland.

Facebook has slowly become a narcissistic echo chamber where millions of people daily search to feel ok. “It has become a club for sycophants”, someone said to me. Human beings are herd animals we know that well. A Human being’s self-perception, behavior, and assumption of what is right and wrong is socially conditioned. On Facebook, people rate each other around the clock using “likes”. It gives an unnatural and maybe even unhealthy dependence if we are not careful. On Facebook, we have many “friends”. However, is it not utopia? In the real world, I guess we all have somewhere between one and five real friends. With real friends, we do not need a Facebook profile to stay in touch. The sincere interest from our followers on Facebook as to whether you are in Harvey Nichols, at a Café, just walked your dog, bought a new car, is delighted about your son finishing A-level and anything else even more incredible, is absurd.

In addition to this, we are increasingly experiencing angry people who, without feeling responsible for what they post, use Facebook to act out their own inner frustrations. Hate, racism and even extremism apparently know no bounds in this forum. Even Fake News and conspiracy theories are today part of everyday life on Facebook. So why should I be on Facebook? If not for checking upon my popularity through “likes” OR for receiving tons of not very personal birthday greetings once a year OR for being in need of acting out frustrations OR for finding Fake News and conspiracy theories an important part of my “Newsfeed”?

August 2018 after 10 years, I deleted my Facebook account.

So now, I have become an outsider, and what a wonderful sensation it is. I do not feel an outsider however. At this very moment, I am sitting in my greenhouse. The English rose delights my senses with traces of lovely scents. The tomatoes are hanging in clusters waiting for a good mozzarella. A glass of well-chilled French Chardonnay on the small table awaits my sip. Bambi eats from the willow tree outside together with her beautiful lambs from the spring. They have not yet seen me. At the other end of the garden on an old tree trunk, an old Pheasant cock fraternizes with his chickens. The Spruce Warbler crackles in the tree and the Cuckoo sounds in the distance. It cannot be other people’s business which wine I like, which hotels I stay in, which restaurants I visit, what cars I own, how skilled my dog is, how amazing my children and grandchildren are, and when I stay in my cottage? Except, of course, for those close to me, but I communicate with them in other ways.

Nobody can save the world, but individually we can contribute a little. I donate to the Danish Danner (against violence), the Red Cross and Médecins sans Frontières . Occasional I send a text to an international journal if I find it relevant. For instance, I got the following letter in Time Magazine.

VOL. 191, NO. 4, 2018
Your articles about Donald Trump’s first year in office are spot-on [Jan. 22]. At this point, I think most of the world would agree that Trump is not the right man for the job, though he is probably too delusional to see the embarrassing situation himself. I am sure most people want America to be great again, and it will be, but it needs someone else to take the helm – soon!

I am inclined to feel the same about the Russians as Rudyard Kipling felt about the Germans during World War II:
“There is no crime, no cruelty, no abomination that the mind of men can conceive of which the Russian has not perpetrated, is not perpetrating, and will not perpetrate if he is allowed to go on”.

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